Fleet Management

This guide is designed to help our partners and prospective customers understand the CRM.COM Fleet Management Billing solution. The guide explains how CRM.COM can help a petrol company offer its commercial customers full fleet features, such as recurring post-bill or pre-paid billing, fleet control and reporting, product level authorization and commercial policy, credit control and vehicle management.

Fleet management and billing

CRM.COM is provided as a cloud service that provides all the fleet management and billing functionality to cover the needs of petrol companies. The built-in ready made processes allow petrol companies to set up their fleet scheme and be live within weeks.

The station manager, through the station portal, can monitor the performance of their outlet for the fleet business, optionally process manually fleet transactions and at the end of the week will receive an automated self billing invoice with the amount to be credited.


Commercial Customers

Commercial customers, i.e. fleet companies, are set up an account in CRM.COM and are assigned a credit and usage limit. The drivers are identified at the station by presenting their physical card or via the OTP generated by the fleet management mobile app. The transaction is authorized based on the allowed products, credit limit and usage limit. Billing is executed every week or month (configurable) and an invoice is raised and sent to the customers.

Customer Portal

The customer portal allows the fleet owner to login and manage the scheme as below:

  • Access to dashboards and transaction list

  • Manage the drivers and their vehicles

    • Create a new driver

    • Create a new vehicle

    • Adjust limits

  • Transaction analysis and ability to export in excel

  • Order a reprint of a physical card

  • View and print bills


Driver app or physical card

The drivers are able to fuel at a station either with their driver app or fleet card. The app allows the drivers to identify themselves and monitor their own key data and processes as below:

  • Generate OTP to perform a transaction

  • View allowance

  • View notifications

  • View past transactions

Station portal

The station manager, through the station portal, can monitor their performance and are also able to accept and process fleet transactions by manual system entry as an exception process.

Business Network

CRM.COM allows the operator (petrol company) to set up its internal and partner business network and enables multiple organizations to service their commercial customers and carry out specific business operations (e.g. sell via retail outlets).

Settlement process

The settlement process will credit the petrol stations by taking into account the contribution fee percentage. The contribution fee is a percentage fee applied by the petrol company on every transaction. The settlement process creates a self-billing invoice for each station.

Notifications and client engagement

Notifications are set up in CRM.COM using various channels such as email, SMS or in-app notifications. The content of the notifications can be set up in multiple languages and can include images, links etc. Notifications can be used for financial, operational or marketing purposes where customers are notified either on an automated or ad-hoc basis, such as:

  • Email sent to customers informing them about their bill amount.  

  • Email sent to customers to warn them about unpaid bills.

  • In-app notification sent to customers to promote new products or services, new station openings or new offers

  • In-app notifications sent to customers on every purchase

  • SMS sent to driver to inform him about a rejected transaction